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Forum Guidelines & FAQs
Guidelines on the purpose of this forum and what to post here. You can also view Frequently Asked Questions.
Frequently Aske...
5/19/2015 3:58 AM
by Host
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Technical Support
Post questions about how to use our website, features you'd like see in the future, and other technical account issues. Everybody can see this forum so don't ever post your username and/or password. Send us a private message if you need individual account help.
Frequently Aske...
5/29/2015 3:06 PM
by Host
Public Moderated Forum with new posts
Product Selection Help: Which Tape Should I Use For _______?
Get recommendations on which foam tape is best for your application and find out what others are using.
Re: Tape recomm...
6/4/2015 4:03 AM
by Host
Public Forum
Application Tips: How to Use Products
A forum for trading ideas, tips, and other helpful information about using products.