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Clear Silicone Bumpers

Clear Silicone Rubber Bumper .06" thick x .250" diameter 120 pieces /pad
Part # 68Z00-00001
Total Feet
per Carton
Units per Box 1 SHEET (120 pcs)
Thickness 0.06" H x 0.25" Dia
Price $8.40
Starting from: 10 cartons $4.08
Quantity (full cartons) 
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Clear Silicone Rubber Bumper .06" thick x .250" diameter  120 pieces /pad

Formerly Part # 18Z00-00004
Parts are .062" thick x .250" in diameter with a pressure sensitive adhesive rated to temperatures of 325°F. Supplied 120 parts per pad.

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Application Tips & Instructions


Silicone bumpers are provided with a permanent acrylic adhesive. To insure the very best bond, review our application tips below.

Surface preparation
The substrate should be clean and dry, with no residue. An IPA wipe and air dry is common practice.

Silicone bumpers should be applied above 50° F to allow the acrylic to bond correctly.

Application Pressure
Pressure sensitive adhesives should be applied with at least 10psi (a good, hard thumb press)

Adhesion Set Time
Perhaps, one of the most important things to consider when using acrylic adhesives. Acrylic adhesive requires some time to “wet out” onto the substrate. 20 minutes is generally the minimum time before permanent bonding would begin. At 24 hours, you would expect about 80% bond, with full bond at about 72 hours.

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