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Available Materials can be purchased by the foot by visiting Most mats are available in either 36" or 48" widths and custom cut to desired length.

Anti-Slip Vinyl Runner
Anti-slip matting texture

Corrugated Runner Mats

Deckplate Runner with
Yellow Safety Border

Round Ribbed
Easy Sweep Runner

Pyramid Traction Matting

Diamond Deckplate
Heavy Duty Runners

Switchboard Electrical
Safety Matting


Industrial Matting, Runners, Roll Goods and Commercial Matting

Note: Clicking links on this page will open in a new window. is proud to be affiliated with, an online reseller of custom length vinyl matting for industrial use. provides safety floor runners for use in factories, warehouses, assembly line stations, airports, schools, laboratories, hospitals and other institutions. offers a variety of vinyl matting for everyday wear and tear use to heavy duty electrical matting. supplies a variety of industrial runners and floor mats to ensure your satisfaction. We carry several anti-fatigue mats, whether you need floor mats for a restaurant kitchen, airport walkway matting, industrial matting for a warehouse or non-slip matting for schools and hospitals. The industrial floor mat collection is sure to have the perfect solution for you.

With, you can name your size! We custom cut all our mats to any length to suit your vinyl runner needs. Find a floor matting solution for any industry or use including (but not limited to) warehouse shipping departments, commercial food service areas, laboratory stations, high voltage electrical areas, pool or locker room areas, hospitals, school hallways, airport walkways and more. We even offer discount pricing on large orders.

Eldorado Non-Slip Runner Mats
anti-slip runner mats make excellent non-slip surfaces for gym and fitness equipment, pool decks, boat floors, anti-slip stair treads, department store aisles. The best thing about Eldorado vinyl mats is that they can be die cut to match any shape where anti-slip protection is needed.

Corrugated Slip Resistant Mats
Corrugated floor runners are a popular matting solution because they offer versatile application capabilities and cost effectiveness. They can be used as aisle mats in schools, hospitals, airports, factories and more. Corrugated floor runners reduce the risk of slipping, tripping and falling with
angular corrugations that provide anti-slip traction. Corrugated commercial matting is manufactured for industrial use and equipped to withstand most chemicals and cleaning agents. Corrugated floor runners are available in 2 widths: 36" and 48". They come equipped with a textured impression back to prevent mat shifting. Our corrugated floor runners also offer anti-fatigue properties and exceptional wear life.

Diamond Plate with Yellow Safety Border Runner
Runner mat with yellow safety border is a solid 5/32" thick PVC diamond surface runner with an aggressive, abrasive resistant diamond pattern that provides improved traction. Protects floors and reduces maintenance costs. Our flexible 100% PVC compound resists grease, oil and common chemicals while providing an extra margin of safety for high traffic areas. Available in a variety of sizes to fit any application. We cut our floor runners to your specified length depending on your needs. Our diamond plate safety mat is also
flame retardant and self extinguishing, making it one of the safest matting choices we offer. Also offers sound absorption and high visibility.

Easy-Sweep Ribbed Runner Mats
Our anti-skid safety matting runners are easy to clean and perfect for
warehouse or factory aisles, providing much-needed traction as well as protection from tripping. The round ribbed corrugations make this particular mat the best choice for areas that are prone to dust and dirt because it can be swept up in minutes with little time and effort. Use Easy Sweep Runner Mats as gym mats, locker room matting, school hall mats, entrance mats and any other high traffic area mats where dirt and dust are likely to build up.

Pyramid Runner Mats
Pyramid texture provides
excellent traction to this unique vinyl mat. The greater slip-resistance makes this runner mat a popular aesthetic choice. This vinyl runner mat works well in high-traffic locations such as long corridors, manufacturing lines, warehouses, storage centers and extended entranceways. The non-directional 1/8” pyramid pattern features an extremely slip-resistant surface and provides sure footing for safety and floor protection. Use our Pyramid Runner Mat on inclined walkways or wet slippery floors, when safety is an important issue.

Diamond Plate Runner Mats
Diamond treads, also referred to as
deckplate, provides added traction to this popular vinyl mat. With a solid construction and a thicker cushion this runner mat offers comfort and longevity. This diamond vinyl runner mat is best applied to heavily-trafficked areas including long corridors, manufacturing lines, warehouses storage centers and extended entranceways. Resistant to most oils, chemicals and other substances. Uniquely engineered in strength and durability, our diamond plate floor mats offer a high-tech design and ultimate anti-slip protection as well as anti-fatigue properties.

Switchboard Electrical Matting provides insulation and protection from electrocution around high voltage equipment. It meets all optional requirements for ozone, flame, and oil resistance, and has a maximum use voltage rating of 17,000 Volts AC RMS. Each corrugated switchboard runner mat is 36" wide and 1/4" thick. Sold by the linear foot. Self extinguishing runner mat is optimal for use in high voltage electrical areas around electrical equipment and heavy machinery. Switchboard mats provide insulation and protection from electrocution around high voltage equipment.

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