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DrainFLASH® Flashing Tape - Embossed Polyethylene Foam with Acrylic Adhesive - Single Sided

DrainFLASH embossed flashing tape - white
  • Drainage plane technology removes water from the window envelope
  • Promotes drainage and drying action and enhanced water removal
  • Clean, convenient and easy to apply - no mess application
  • Installation temperature ranges from 15°F to 180°F
  • Supplied on blue poly liner
  • Bulk discounts available for purchases of 5 or more

DrainFLASH® Flashing Tape - Available Product Options (priced per roll)

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0.059" 4" 75'
1 Roll
Starting from: 5 cartons $33.20
Starting from: 10 cartons $32.67
0.059" 6" 75'
(75' total)
1 Roll
Starting from: 5 cartons $47.67
Starting from: 10 cartons $46.91
0.059" 9" 75'
(75' total)
1 Roll
Starting from: 5 cartons $69.38
Starting from: 10 cartons $68.27

DrainFLASH® Flashing Tape Product Summary

DrainFLASH® Flashing tape by Berry Global is the next generation is flashing systems. Clean and easy to use co-extruded Polyethylene offers an embossed textured surface to encourage drainage and drying action and enhanced water removal.

DrainFLASH® removes water at the following rates (gallons per hour):

4" wide - 2.8 g/hr
6" wide - 4.5 g/hr
9" wide - 6.5 g/hr

DrainFLASH® flashing tape is an easy to use flashing system that won't get messy or difficult to manage in higher temperature applications. It is .059" thick and doesn't require any primers to install. DrainFLASH® falls under the highest level of Thermal Exposure (Class 3) and can be installed in temperatures as low as 15°F and up to 180°F while remaining clean and easy to handle.

DrainFLASH® tape is laminated with a durable acrylic adhesive on one side and an easy to remove blue polypropylene liner. Rolls are supplied in 75' lengths and sold in carton quantities.

Shipping Information

  • Ships in 1 to 3 business days.
  • Typical box dimensions: 17" x 17" x 7" @ 5 lbs. each
  • Expedited shipping available*
    * still subject to 1 - 3 days processing in house

Sealant Compatibility Testing

The DrainFLASH® system has been through extensive sealant compatibility tests and demonstrates near universal sealant compatibility in AAMA 713-08 testing. DrainFLASH® Flashing Tape has been tested for the following:

  1. Nova Flex silicone (white)
  2. Polyseamseal Paintable Acrylic with silicone (white)
  3. DAP Side Winder (white)
  4. Sashco Lexel super elastic sealant (white)
  5. GE Window and Door silicone I (white)
  6. Bond & Fill Flex silicone (white)
  7. DAP Alex Plus silicone (tan)
  8. Pro-Series OSI silicone (clear)
  9. Tremco TremGlaze U1400 polyurethane sealant (white)
  10. PL Polyurethane Premium Construction adhesive (beige)
  11. GE Silicone II Window & Door with Boiseal (white)
  12. Phenoseal Vinyl Adhesive Caulk (translucent)
  13. DAP Gutter & Flashing Butyl Flex rubber adhesive (white)
  14. DAP Dynaflex 230 (white)
  15. Tremco TremGlaze S500 Window & Door installation silicone
  16. Sashco Lexel super elastic sealant (white)