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 5/19/2015 3:58 AM
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Please review our FAQs before contacting us for support. Most questions can be answered here.

  1. Can I place my order over the phone?
    In order to ensure the most accurate ordering process, we do not take orders over the phone. If you have trouble placing an online order or simply prefer not to enter your credit card information online, you can fill out a manual order form by hand and fax or email it to us. Manual orders require an additional 24 hours to process. Download an Order Form here.
  2. How long before my order ships?
    All orders require 1-3 business days to process prior to shipping. You may elect to pay for expedited shipping (subject to UPS terms and rates) but this only speeds up time in transit. Standard processing time still applies. We will do our best to rush the processing but this is not guaranteed.
  3. Can I buy a single roll of tape?
    Our products are sold in case quantities only. Roll and pieces per case can be found on any specific product page or in the product listing chart before you purchase.
  4. How many rolls are in a box?
    This depends on the material and size of the product. Specific box quantity information can be found on the product page or in the product listing chart.
  5. What are the shipping dimensions of my order?
    Each box of product is about 17" x 17" x 7" at 10 lbs. each. Product dimensions may vary slightly but you can use these specifications to estimate.
  6. Why won't my credit card go through?
    There are a number of reasons that credit cards are rejected. Make sure the billing address matches the address on your credit card statement. You may enter a separate shipping address after your credit card address has been entered. If you are using a corporate card, do make sure that the billing address is correct and reflects the corporate location where the credit card originates. If you're still having trouble, please fill out a Manual Order Form and return it to us.
  7. I can't login to my account.
    Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. If you require a password reset or you don't remember your login information, please contact us and we will provide further instructions.
  8. I ordered the wrong item, can I return it?
    We only accept returns of full, unused boxes of product. If rolls have been opened or "popped" we cannot accept a return. You need to contact us for an RMA Number (Return Material Authorization) within 30 days of receiving the order. Please reference your Cust PO number and the item number you wish to return. There is a 20% restocking fee on returned items and the customer is responsible for return shipping and fees. For full details on our return policy, please see here.
  9. My order is defective or missing items.
    If you find that you have received an incorrect or defective shipment, please contact us immediately and we will issue a replacement.
  10. What tape should I buy?
    Please post all product selection requests in our Product Selection forum and someone will assist you.
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