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Foam Tape Lingo

So ... Just what does "differentially wound" mean anyway? Find out here.

Double Coated Tapes

1. Foam and sponge that has adhesive applied to both sides, primarly used for permanent bonding and mounting applications. provides double coated foam products for use as a mounting tape (used to permanently or temporarily bond two surfaces, typically textured, together) or with specially forumlated adhesives for use as glazing tape.

The following product lines are available as double coated products:

  • Mounting Tape
    Double sided polyethylene core tape for mounting signs, P.O.P. construction, hanging posters and pictures, or semi-permanent mounting on walls and irregular surfaces.
  • High Bond Tape
    High performance acrylic foam tape provides and indestructable bond on virtually any surface. Adheres to wood, plastic, concrete, plaster and several other irregular substrates.
  • Glazing Tape
    Double sided tape with a polyethylene core is specially designed to stick to glass window and door glass installations.
  • Extreme Environment Tape
    Adheres to glass and other low surface energy substrates. UV and water resistance makes this an ideal choice for outdoor applications.


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