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Glass & Mirror Products by now carries a wide variety of products for use on glass and mirrors. Several of our foam, cork and sponge materials provide protection against rattling and cracking during transport. Keep reading for a detailed description of our glass and mirror protection products.

Cork & Foam Non-adhesive Shipping Pads are laminated with cork, providing a firm cushion between glass and will not compress. This makes them excellent for use with heavy or large stacks of glass. Cork non-adhesive glass pads peel off without leaving any residue and can even be reused if kept clean. Order Cork Transport Pads here.

Blue Transportation pads aka "Royal Pads" are made of blue PVC foam with a low-tack, pressure sensitive adhesive that allows for clean removal from glass. Our blue transport pads won't leave any residue and provide shock and rattle protection. Transportation pads are designed to protect and separate flat sheets of glass, metal and other flat materials during shipping. Order Blue Shipping Pads here.

Urethane Bumpers are molded urethane bumpers comparable to 3M Bumpons. Bumpers are often used as protective feet on the bottoms of glass objects or between several pieces of glass. Bumpers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as various color options including clear.Order Bumpers here.

Felt tape is ideal for use as a protective liner on the bottoms of furniture, household products and other objects that can scratch delicate surfaces. Protective felt is available in several widths and color choices for aesthetic purposes. Order Protective Felt Tape here.

Glazing Tape is a double sided tape used to seal window glass into wood, aluminum or plastic frames. The foam serves to seal against air, moisture, light and dust penetration as well as fill any irregularities in the frame. Glazing tape provides cushioning, vibration and shock damping, and insulation in thermal and sound deadening applications. Order Glazing Tape here.

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