Buyer's Guide: Double Sided Foam Tapes

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  PE Foam Mounting Tape & Adhesive Squares
Acrylic Mounting Tape / Glazing Tape Extreme Environment Tape High Bond Acrylic Foam Tape
Material Description All purpose, double sided polyethylene foam tape with rubber based adhesive on both sides. High performance double sided foam tape with acrylic adhesive on both sides. UV and weather resistant double sided polyethylene tape that bonds permanently to glass without a primer. Very high bond double sided foamed acrylic tape with permanent industrial strength to replace mechanical fasteners.
Temperature Range ** 0 to 150 F° -30 to 220 F° -30 to 220 F° -40 to 320 F°
Adhesive Rubber Acrylic Acrylic Permanent Acrylic
Liner White paper Blue poly liner White paper Red PE film
Flexibility Good Good Good Excellent - Good
Density ** 2 - 6 PCF 4 - 6 PCF 6 PCF 52 - 56 PCF
UV Resistance Poor Good Excellent Excellent
Indoor Use Excellent Good Good Good
Outdoor Use Not recommended Excellent Excellent Excellent
Available Colors White White, Black Grey, Black Clear, White, Grey, Black
Typical Applications P.O.P., Signs & Display, Classrooms, All purpose mounting, Interior Mounting & attachment Glass seal, Air seal, Moisture and Dust seal, UV resistance, shock absorption, Insulation Glass, Vinyl, Trim, Solar, truck walls, Muntin bars, Powder coatings, Acrylic, UV resistance, Exterior Replace mechanical fasteners, UV resistance, Industrial Mounting, Outdoor, Waterproof
Other Common Names Double sided foam tape, mounting tape, teacher's tape, sign tape, spacer tape, mounting squares, adhesive foam pads, double sided foam tape Glazing Tape, permanent mounting tape, acrylic mounting tape, glass sealing tape, window glazing tape, double sided mounting tape, double sided attachment tape SDL Muntin Tape, muntin tape, extreme bonding tape, ultra bond tape, simulated divided light tape, SDL grid tape, permanent attachment tape Very high bond tape, ultra high bond tape, replacement VHB tape, VHB tape alternative, acrylic foam tape, automotive attachment tape, high bond tape, shower door tape
Additional Notes • Good initial tack
• White PE is FDA approved for incidental food contact
• Available in rolls of tape or kiss-cut pads
• Complies with AAMA 810.1-92 • Complies with AAMA 810.1-92.

• Bonds to glass without primer.
• Comparable to 3M VHB tapes.

• Replaces nails, screws, rivets, welds and liquid adhesives.

** Specs vary based on product and thickness

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