Gasket Tape

Polyethylene Gasket Tape by Neoprene Sponge Gasket Tape PVC Vinyl Foam Gasket Tape Cork Rubber Gasket Tape

Gasket & Sealing Tapes

Just like our great weatherstripping tapes can help you keep out the hot or cold, our gasket tapes can keep you dry. Our line of gasket tapes work well anywhere you need to keep liquids in or out, like electrical enclosures, shed doors, garage doors and more. Choose from our list of available products:

NEW! 3M™ Extreme Sealing Tape

Extreme Sealing Tape is a highly conformable, tough yet flexible tape designed for sealing over spaces and joints in difficult applications. Available in gray or translucent, 3M™ Extreme Sealing Tape has an instantly paintable surface and bonds immediately to plastic, metals and more. Also referred to as 3M™ 4411 or 3M™ 4412 series tapes.

Polyethylene Foam Tape

Very low cost polyethylene gasket tape with good chemical resistance. This product should be replaced anytime the seal is broken because polyethylene tape has poor compression recovery. Our white polyethylene foam is also FDA approved for incidental food contact. Also referred to as foam weatherseal, foam weatherstripping, foam gasket tape.

Neoprene Sponge Tape

Provides good compression recovery and very good chemical and UV resistance and flammability ratings. Works well in most applications, but should not be used where the seal must be repeatedly broken and resealed (like enclosure door applications). Also referred to as foam rubber tape, rubber weatherseal, sponge rubber tape, foam rubber weatherseal, sponge rubber foam. 

PVC Foam Tape

Provides superior compression set resistance and inherent flame retardency. PVC foam tape is the perfect choice for outdoor gasketing/sealing applications, especially those where the seal is to be broken and re-established multiple times. Also referred to as vinyl foam tape, vinyl weatherseal, vinyl foam weatherseal, foam window weatherstrip, vinyl weatherstripping, vinyl weatherstrip tape.

Cork/Rubber Tape

Neoprene rubber and cork blend with a high-strength acrylic adhesive on one side, protected by a brown siliconized liner. Our cork/rubber blend tape is excellent for applications that require a low to medium pressure seal and/or a cushion or bumper with anti-skid properties. Also referred to as cork tape.

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