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Fenestration refers to indoor and outdoor windows, doors, skylights and any opening designed to transmit light or provide passage from one space to another. The fenestration industry includes not only the manufacturers of these systems but also the manufacturers of components used to make these systems. Fenestration applies to a variety of window and door markets including vinyl extruders, balance system manufacturers, window and door hardware companies, lumber companies, glass companies, welding and cutting machinery vendors, gasket and tape manufacturers, and foam tape resellers.

Uses for Fenestration Products : Window and Door Applications

• Polyethylene foam
• Highly engineered acrylic adhesive
• Double sided
• No pre-treatment required
Muntin tape is used to permanently adhere external muntin bars to glass. Muntin bars create the grid-like or window pane appearance. It's cheaper than framing individual panes and less prone to failure as there's only one glazing seam for the entire window, rather than one per frame.
• Varying sizes and colors
• Aggressive rubber-based acrylic adhesive

Use our cross reference chart to compare 3M™ and Fastex™ part numbers.
Used on the grid between glass panes or internal muntin bars to absorb impact and eliminate rattling of muntin against glass during transport or opening and closing of windows and doors. Also used to help center the muntin and give it a uniform appearance. Urethane bumpers also make excellent cabinet or glass door bumpers.
• Seals the perimeter of the building envelope
Flashing tape provides a watertight seal around the perimeter of the building envelope, roof transitions and external seams. Use our Flashing Systems Guide to compare flashing tapes and choose the best fit. We also offer an Installation Guide to ensure proper application of flashing tape.
• Polyethylene core
• Acrylic adhesive on both sides
• AAMA certified: 810.1-08, Type I
Glazing tape is used to create a seal between the insulated glass panel and window sash or door material, preventing air and water leakage. Relatively low cost and flexible for various materials and window applications.
Ether Foam
Ester Foam
Felt Tape
Neoprene Sponge
PVC Tape

Open cell foam tape
Adhesive on 1 side
Our weatherstrip tape options are well suited for all types of weatherstripping. Open cell foam (like Ether, Ester and Felt) is ideal for applications where water resistance and high UV levels aren't an issue. Closed cell weatherstripping (like Neoprene or PVC) is better in situations where moisture and humidity are common and higher temperatures are likely.
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