Buyer's Guide: Closed Cell Gasket Tape

Polyethylene (PE) Neoprene (SCE-41) Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
General Description All purpose low cost gasket tape for common gasketing applications. General purpose gasket tape for high temperature applications. Ideal gasket for outdoor sealing especially where the seal will be opened and closed repeatedly.
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Foam Temperature Range -70 to 175 F° *
Rubber adhesive up to 150 F°
-40 to 200 F° *
Rubber adhesive up to 150 F°
-40 to 180 F°
Compression Recovery Poor Fair Excellent
Repeatability vs. Single Use Single Use
not recommended for repeat open and closed sealing
Single / Repeat Use
can be used repeatedly if compression recovery is not a great concern.
Repeat Use
(ie: around doors, windows and other seals that require repeated open and close action)
Adhesive Rubber Rubber Acrylic
Flexibility Moderate Moderate Excellent
UV Resistance Poor Excellent Excellent
Indoor Use Excellent Excellent Excellent
Outdoor Use Poor Excellent Excellent
Flammability Rating N/A not applicable UL 94 HF-1 FMVSS 302
Available Colors Black / White Black Black / Grey
Typical Applications Industrial gasketing, Insulation sealing, General purpose cushioning, Appliance bumpers, Refrigerator and food service seals, Sound dampening Outdoor applications, Moisture seal, Dust and air sealing, High temperature seal, Weatherproofing, Roof curbs, Non-skid tape. Automotive, Anti-rattle, Marine, HVAC, Weatherstripping, Transportation, RV tape, Electronics, Acoustic seal, Sound deadening
Other Common Names Foam gasket, foam weatherseal Rubber tape, foam rubber, rubber weatherseal, sponge rubber foam Vinyl foam tape, vinyl weatherstrip, vinyl weatherseal, RV tape, Automotive tape, PVC tape
Additional Notes White PE Foam is approved by the FDA for incidental food contact. Also available as double sided mounting tape or mounting squares Neoprene sponge tape is flame retardant, chemical and oil resistant. Made of elastomeric rubber. PVC contains acoustical and sound deadening properties. Not affected by temperature changes. Remains flexible.


* Pressure sensitive rubber adhesive is good up to 150 F°

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