Weatherstripping Tape

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Weatherstripping (weth'-er-strip'-ing)

1. a narrow piece of material installed around doors and windows to protect an interior from external extremes in temperature.

Our weatherstripping tape can help keep your house or workspace warm and dry in the winter or cool and dry in the summer. Reduce your energy bills by choosing the product you need from the list below:

Ether Foam Tape | Polyether  Foam Weatherstrip
Low cost open-cell material with very good thermal R rating (4 per inch of thickness). Good for weatherstripping applications that require or can tolerate compression, but do not involve prolonged UV exposure. Also referred to as polyether foam tape, polyether tape, self adhesive weatherseal.

Ester Foam Tape | Polyester Foam Weatherstrip
Good open-cell weatherstripping material that provides improved UV resistance and HF-1 flammability ratings. Good for applications that involve minimal compression and mild to moderate UV exposure.
Also referred to as polyester foam tape, polyester tape, self adhesive weatherstrip.

Neoprene Sponge Tape | Foam Rubber Weatherseal
Very good closed-cell weatherstripping tape that provides good UV resistance and flame resistance, as well as providing good water and chemical resistance for weatherstripping applications that also have some gasketing requirements. Neoprene tape works best in applications that involve little or no compression.
Also referred to as sponge rubber tape, rubber sponge, rubber weatherseal, foam rubber weatherseal.

PVC Foam Tape | Vinyl Weatherseal Tape
Excellent closed-cell weatherstripping material that provides excellent compression recovery, inherent flame resistance and very good chemical resistance. PVC tape is an ideal material for outdoor applications.
Also referred to as vinyl foam tape, vinyl foam weatherseal, vinyl weatherseal tape.

Felt Tape | Adhesive Backed Felt
100% Acrylic felt with adhesive-backing provides an excellent cushion, damper or friction reducer for glass to metal applications. Felt tape can also be used in many decorative applications. Also referred to as adhesive felt, felt liner.

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