Double Sided Tape

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Mounting (moun'-ting)

1. to fix securely.

Mounting tapes are double-sided adhesive products (aka: double coated - adhesive is on both sides) made with a foam core carrier, designed for mounting or bonding products to non-flat surfaces. offers three types of mounting tape:
1) A double-coated polyethylene mounting tape that works in most non-critical, low to medium weight applications.
2) High-bond mounting tape. For higher weight or long term applications (like trim mounting, etc), you should look into our High-Bond mounting tapes. High-Bond mounting tapes
use acrylic foam core technology to provide ultra-high strength bonds to most surfaces.
3) For outd
oor high-strength, or automotive applications, our Extreme Environment tape is the only way to go!

We also offer mounting squares supplied in kiss-cut pads for easy application and handling.

Choose one of our Double-sided Tape options below:

Polyethylene Foam Mounting Tape

Acrylic Core High-Bond Tape

Extreme Environment Tape

Die Cut Mounting Pads

Glazing Tape

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