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Foam Tape Lingo

So ... Just what does "differentially wound" mean anyway? Find out here.

Urethane Foam Tape

 Urethane (yor'-a-thay'-n)

1. Open cell ether or ester urethane foams, excellent for weatherstripping applications. urethane foams make great weatherstripping products where gasketing is not needed. Comes in both ether and ester varieties:

Ether - Open Cell Polyether Urethane Foam Tape
Low density (1.2 lb./ft3) light grey foam with very good compression recovery. Ideal for weatherstripping applications that do not involve high UV exposure amounts and where compression recovery is essential. View Buying Options.

Ester - Open Cell Polyester Urethane Foam Tape
Low density (2.0 lb./ft3) charcoal grey foam. Has a "crispier" feel than ether and also provides better UV resistance. View Buying Options.

Reticulated Filter Foam Stripping
Low density 20 PPI (pores per inch) filter foam tape is available for moderate filtration applications. Non adhesive filter foam is commonly used as weep baffle replacement to wick moisture while reducing air, water, dust and insect intrusion. Buy Now.

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If your application also involves liquids or gas, you might want to consider our gasket tapes as an alternative