Customer Reviews


"Thank you for the information. As they say in the restaurant business ... can’t get any better than fresh made. I am super stoked that this product is USA made."

- Rick Presley, Presley's Glass Inc.

"I cannot express how great it has been working with you and your company! Every time I place an order you guys could not be more helpful!! Thank you so much!!! "

- Lori Rossi, Centimark

"Thank you for the follow up. I just want to say that as a first time buyer, my experience with everyone at your company has been a positive one. Everyone was very helpful in getting this order returned and in placing a new order for the correct product. I will definitely be keeping your company on file for any further foam tape needs."

- Wyatt Barlup, RV Help You Sell

"I have been in a service business for 33 years so I can really appreciate good customer service when I see it. We strive for the same level of service and responsiveness from our customer service people that I received from [you] ... I deal with lots of vendors, and I’m sure you do as well, that do not have people on the phone that are very helpful or seem to care, and it does not reflect well on the company. I just wanted you to know that my dealings with your company today puts your company in a very favorable light and makes me want to buy more from you."

- David Friedlander, Innovative Openings, Inc.

"Our glazers like your product much better than others due to the fact that the peel off cover actually peels off nicely, much better than another brand we used to buy."

- Stu Forman, Sunrise Erectors

"... an exceptionally good gesture on your part. Thank you very much. Your company's attitude concerning customer service is outstanding."

- BW, Australia

"Thank you very much for your efforts!!!! They are really appreciated!!"

- Brian Osterman, Minnesota Pipe & Equipment

"Appreciate the quick follow up, great customer service."

- Chris Byrne, NHT (Now Hear This.)

"... our customer was impressed with your delivery (and so was I). I deal with a lot of companies, and it was refreshing working with someone who understands what customer service and professionalism means. If more companies operated like yours, my life would be a lot easier. Thanks again for all your good work."

- Mike Daly, X-1 Technology

"Great, thanks for the update and thanks for being honest! ... I received the foam tapes yesterday, and just wanted to say....THANK YOU! Exactly what we were searching for!  When we need more, I will definitely buy more!"

- Rod Shimamoto, Raymond's Painting Company, Inc.

"You are a life saver!!!  Thank you so much for your help!"

- Cindy Mosley, customer

"I like the tape you sent me"

- Ellen Taurins, customer

"Thank you for making my life easier."

- Jeff Harper, Lumi Trak, Inc.  

"Thanks so much.  You've been very helpful!"

- Joe Folker, customer  

"That's great. Thanks for jumping on this quickly."

- Lewis Butler, customer

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