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A wide variety of self-adhered rubber feet, non-skid bumpers and spacers are available from Foamtapes.net. Choose from molded urethane bumpers in an assortment of colors, shapes and sizes.

Molded urethane spacers are provided in boxes (quantity varies by size) with an aggressive, high tack rubber adhesive. Rubber bumpers provide non-skid and surface protection on furniture, jewelry boxes, counter and table top items. Bumpers are commonly used to absorb impact and noise on cabinets, doors, windows, glass installations, shelving and more. Some of our larger plastic bumpers are also used as door stops. Plastic urethane bumpers are available in black, grey, white, clear and brown to accommodate all aesthetics.

Silicone bumpers are provided kiss-cut in sheets with a permanent acrylic adhesive for long-term application. Our silicone bumpers resist UV, ageing and temperatures up to 325 °F. Acrylic adhesive should be allowed to set or "wet out" for 72 hours to achieve full bonding strength. Bumpers are also used in window muntin bar applications to prevent rattling and cracks in glass windows.

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