Stud & Joist Isolation

Drywall Soundproofing & Joist TapeUse stud and joist soundproofing tape between floor joists and sub-floor sheathing on studs to reduce squeaking and other disruptive noise from impact traffic. Also apply to wall studs or between layers of drywall to reduce sound and vibration transfer between rooms and offices. Foam joist tape is deal for new home construction, offices, additions, home improvement and renovations. You can also create an isolated sound wall by using Stud & Joist Soundproofing Tape on every other stud and reversing the pattern on the opposite side to create a sound disconnect at the framing. This tape provides similar results to a staggered stud wall at only a fraction of the cost. Foam insulation tape is available in standard widths to fit the most common joist and stud sizes.

PVC Foam Joist Tape offers excellent cushioning and airtight sealing for use between joists and subflooring where compression recovery is key. Apply directly to beams to dampen vibrations, deaden sound and reduce squeaking and impact noise, especially in upper story floors and ceilings. View Buying Options.

Neoprene Rubber Joist & Drywall Soundproof Tape is UL-94 rated for flammability and self-extinguishing. Apply neoprene soundproofing tape directly to studs and between drywall to reduce noise transfer between rooms. Joist tape can also be applied to external studs for thermal and acoustical control. View Buying Options.

Where to Use It:

  • Between joists and subfloor sheathing
  • Between sill plate and foundation
  • On engineered wood, lumber or steel joists and studs
  • Under floor track and above header track to reduce noise
  • On exterior studs for thermal and acoustical control


  • Creates a quieter home or work environment
  • Saves time and labor with convenient application
  • Reduces annoying squeaking, especially in upper floors and ceilings
  • Provides effective sound control between rooms
  • Saves energy by insulating walls, ceilings and floors

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