Buyer's Guide: Open Cell Foam Tape

Ether Tape
Ester Tape
Felt Tape
General Description Low cost, resilient, open cell polyether urethane foam tape. Keeps bugs and dust out while still allowing air and moisture in. Denser, self-extinguishing open cell polyester urethane foam tape. Keeps bugs and dust out while still allowing air and moisture in. Thin, non-compressible polyester/acrylic blend felt containing some recycled content.
Temperature Range -40 to 150 F° -40 to 250 F° *
Rubber adhesive up to 150 F°
Compression Recovery Excellent Good Not Applicable
Adhesive Rubber Rubber Acrylic
Flexibility Excellent Good Excellent
Density 1.12 PCF 2.0 PCF  
UV Resistance Poor Good  
Indoor Use Excellent Excellent Excellent
Outdoor Use Poor Moderate  
Flammability Rating N/A not applicable UL 94 HF-1  
Available Colors Light Grey Dark Grey Black / Grey / Green / Camel (Tan)
Typical Applications Weatherstripping, Dust prevention, Acoustical absorption, Thermal insulation, Air infiltration prevention Mild UV resistance weatherstripping, Fire retardency, Dust and insect seal, Insulation, Acoustical Absorption, Hat Sizing Surface protection on glass, wood, ceramic, etc.; Non-skid bottoms and feet; Jewelry box, instrument case, drawer and other container liners; Glass/metal decorative; Weatherstripping; Insulation
Other Common Names Polyether Tape, Open Cell Tape Polyester Tape, Hat Resizing Tape, Open Cell Foam Tape Adhesive Felt, Felt Liner
Additional Notes Ether tape is shipped in compressed rolls and should be opened or "popped" upon receipt. Tape will reach desired thickness within 24 hours. Ester tape will take a compression set after repeat compression. Should not be used for applications that require advanced compression recovery. Felt tape is an extremely versatile tape with countless applications in addition to the recommended uses listed above.


* Pressure sensitive rubber adhesive is good up to 150 F°

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